Born out the collective frustration of dealing with various departments, agencies and other groups, welcome to The Canadian Veterans Association Network.

We all come from a family, either the Canadian Forces, or the RCMP.  At present, our family appears to be dysfunctional.

The CVA Network aims to bring our family together. There are several portals and groups on social media, but our voices are scattered.

We often here of distraught fellow veterans and their families struggling.

They struggle with forms, processes and red tape. They struggle with support and dealing with agencies that are suppose to be helping us.

We all struggle to get real and accurate information.

By coming together we can create a collective voice that cannot be ignored.

We need some volunteers to get us going and your membership to make us strong. There is no cost to be a member. The CVA Network accepts all members;   Veterans, Family Members as well as those who just care.

 Volunteers Needed!


Let's not forget about our rights!

Veterans Well-being Act states under Part 3...

Benefit of doubt

43 In making a decision under this Part or under section 84, the Minister and any person designated under section 67 shall

(a) draw from the circumstances of the case, and any evidence presented to the Minister or person, every reasonable inference in favour of an applicant under this Part or under section 84;

(b) accept any uncontradicted evidence presented to the Minister or the person, by the applicant, that the Minister or person considers to be credible in the circumstances; and

(c) resolve in favour of the applicant any doubt, in the weighing of the evidence, as to whether the applicant has established a case.